What is your minimum order?

When it comes to production, our MOQ depends upon each design – simple items are 100pcs MOQ and complex items can be as low as

50pcs MOQ. The minimum for custom castings is 300 pcs because we have to make a new model and mold for your item.

What materials do you make your jewelry with?

We mainly manufacture 925 silver or 9k 10k 14k 18k and Pt950 gold jewelry .We use synthetic gemstone, semi-precious, precious beads.

What is the best way to communicate my design ideas to you?

We have been making jewelry for a long time so we can look at even the simplest sketches and understand what you are trying to create.Sometimes it is helpful to have images of finished items that have similarity to your design to reference. You are also welcome to send us CAD renders,links to your Pinterest board, tear sheets from magazines and anything else that inspires your design idea.

I cannot sketch or design but I want to make jewelry and I have great ideas, can I give you my ideas and you can design the jewelry for me?

Yes, we can design a jewelry collection for you if you have a good idea of what you want, how much you want each piece to cost and the materials you want to use. We would be happy to have a design consultation with you, discuss your ideas for your jewelry collection and then we will give you a price quote to develop a custom jewelry collection for you. Design consultation and development costs start at $1,000 for a small 6-12 piece collection.

My design is special and proprietary, how do I protect my design?

We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to looking at your design to protect your design. We can also assure you that at no time will we send your design out to be cast, plated or assembled outside out factory so your design is always kept secret.

How much does it cost to make a new design?

The price for a new model or sample depends upon the complexity of the design and model can cost according to  your acceptable range. You can reduce your development costs by working from existing components in our archive or by supplying your own model.

Can I visit your factory and create my own designs from your archive?

Yes, we have many designers who prefer to visit our factory and create their own designs from our extensive archive of castings, findings, chains, stones and beads. In fact, this can be the fastest and most cost effective method for creating new designs because you will be working directly with materials we can quickly and easily put our hands on and there is no custom tooling, models or molds to be made

What is the price to make a simple charm/necklace/ring/earrings, etc …?

We are constantly asked to give price quotations or estimates over the phone or email and we usually have to decline because there is so much that goes into producing a piece that we need to know before we can price it for you. We need to know the weight of the casting, we need to know the surface area of the chain for plating, and we need to know the quality of the materials you want to use. The best way for us to give you an accurate price estimate is to price an actual sample for you. If you can send us a sample of the item you want us to make, then we can give you a very accurate price quote for production. We will also provide you with price breaks at 100pcs, 300pcs, 500pcs, 1000pcs, 10,000pcs.

I have a special target price I am trying to meet with my design, how do you make sure your price is not more than I want to pay?

One of the first things we ask when working on a new design is “What is your target price?” If you have a design you have created and you cannot pay more than say $5.00 for each piece, we are going to work with you to create a product that meets your price requirements. Sometimes this might mean making slight modifications to your existing design to make it more efficient to manufacture. We will always work hard to give you the best we can for the price you want to pay.

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